Some reasons to consider Pardoning Harry Bout

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Some points from the Application for a Pardon or a Commutation, which was sent in to the Michigan Board of Pardons and Parole, by Humanity for Prisoners, on behalf of Harry Bout:


In the Application for a Pardon or a Commutation, the petitioner (Humanity for Prisoners, a non profit organization based in Michigan) writes what Harry Bout has stated, namely that Mr Bout regrets that he did not call the police, and that he did not inform the family of the murder victim in his mother’s house in March of 1985. Since he has always denied murdering the victim, he can not regret what he did not do, but he feels responsible for the aftermath and not acting as he should have.

Burden for Michigan taxpayers

Harry Bout is 53 years of age, he has been in prison for 25 years. As a Dutch national, Harry Bout will be deported to The Netherlands if he should be pardoned or if he would ever be handed over to the Dutch authorities (there is a federal court deportation order). This will relieve the Michigan tax payers of a burden to keep a Dutch man in prison for the rest of his life. Especially when getting older, Mr Bout will be in more need of medical care. This will cost even more.

Lowest possible risk

Harry Bout has scored the lowest possible risk score on the Department of Corrections´ own standards for assessing a prisoners´ risk for violence, recidivism and failure to appear upon release (COMPAS test).

Support from The Netherlands´ Government

Harry Bout is a Dutch national. The ambassador of The Netherlands, a friend of Michigan and an ally of the United States, has written two letters directly to the Governor expressing their support for this application for Mr Bout´s pardon or commutation, and have expressed their willingness to accept Mr Bout back in their country (exhibit K in the application).

Support from many

Mr Bout´s pardon or commutation request is supported by many persons, both Dutch and from other countries. See amongst others the petition for support of his return, signed by 500 people, offered to the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Dutch Parliament, 2007.

Family support in The Netherlands

If Mr Bout were pardoned, his family (cousin and her husband) in The Netherlands has expressed they will help him financially and with resettling in. Harry Bout speaks and understands the Dutch language well.

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