Published blog stories about Harry Bout

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Published blog stories about Harry Bout
Dear Friends,
In this document are stories (mostly in Dutch) written by André de Raaij, about Harry. We decided to collect these stories in one publication as a reminder of Harry's plight.

Harry needs support: for his medical issues (the prisons in Michigan have been cutting down on medical costs since longtime, and this threatens the rights of the prisoners), he needs a bit of cash because a lot of his posessions were left at the Ionia prison due to what the staff called 'excess.' Harry was in the hole (admin. segregation) when they transported him to the northern peninsula, so he could not pack his own stuff, and staff say it did not fit in his 3 duffels.

So if you can spare some cash for Harry, send a little to him via He appreciates it a lot!

Harry Bout wronged in subtitle disaster of Peter R. de Vries' program (2008)

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Harry Bout wronged in subtitle disaster of Peter R. de Vries' program (2008)
We thought it is good to show the public what went wrong in a Dutch tv-show in which Peter R. de Vries, a well-known "crime-journalist" callously depicted Harry as having committed the crime of murder, whereas this was not said by the attorney interviewed.

Due to a (purposeful?) subtitle-error Harry was depicted as a murderer. Something that has brought much harm to him and to the cause of justice.

Reactie van Harry en Linda op uitzending Peter R. de Vries over Harry Bout (2008)
- door Sandra -

Ik heb Linda (zus van Harry) de dvd van het programma over Harry opgestuurd en Harry heeft via de telefoon de uitzending kunnen beluisteren.
Er zijn nogal wat reacties gekomen op het feit dat zelfs mr. John Beason (Harry's voormalige advocaat) gezegd zou hebben dat Harry schuldig zou zijn.
Hier de reactie van Linda en Harry:

Greetings Sandra,

Harry has called me again, and asked that I write down the subtitles to what John Beason said, so I did. I need to let you know that what he said and what was written in the subtitles is incorrect... here is the what he actually said:

Peter: Do you consider this as a failure of justice?
Beason: No.
Peter: Ziet u het als een gerechtelijke dwaling?
Beason: Nee.

This was a portion of an interview with Beason, but it was added right after the interview with Prosecutor Klavins, to make it seem like Peter was asking this in relation to what Klavins was speaking about... very tricky. 


Beason: I think that Harry got himself caught in a situation, in a case where all the ingredients are there. Sex. Drinking. And guns.
Beason: Ik denk dat Harry in een situatie is terechtgekomen en in een zaak...Het bevat alle ingredienten: seks, drank en pistolen.

Beason: I couldn't get past the letters, I couldn't get past the body, I couldn't get past the concrete, I couldn't get past the bury, and I couldn't get past Dawn Bean. You add those up and you got a guilty. (Which means you got a guilty verdict, with all of that going up against you. He did not say Harry was guilty. He said in very poor got a guilty)

[translation in subtitling:] Beason: Ik kon de brieven, het lichaam en het beton...het verbergen van het lijk en Dawn Bean niet negeren.
[Translation is EVERYTHING!]

[translation in subtitling:] Beason: Tel dat allemaal bij elkaar op en hij is schuldig.


"You add all those up and you got a guilty." As in, you get a guilty verdict when you have all that going against you. He was trying to say he tried his best, but with all that was against him in defending him, he got a guilty, instead of an innocent. Harry is not innocent of participating in all of this, but he is innocent of shooting Al.

As far as Al's son stating that he was not there in the court in support of Harry, but to see that he did not get released... Harry said that H. R. told him that Al's son was there, and that he did not believe that Harry actually did this. I am thinking that maybe H. R. spoke with him (Al's son) and maybe he said he was in disbelief that Harry could do, or did do this. (because he was a very good friend of his father). I do not know how the conversation went, nor does Harry, but Harry said that this is what H. R.  said to him about Al's son being there.

Harry would have no way of knowing anything about Al's son unless someone else told him this. He could not talk to anyone, including Al's son, to get this kind of information. Harry was not LYING to get people to believe that Al's son was supporting him, he was simply repeating something that H. told him. It would be craziness to say his son supports him and doesn't believe he did this, if he REALLY didn't say it. It would make Harry look like an real idiot to say something that Al's son did not truly say. Like I said before, I think it depends on the context of what was being talked about and way that his son said anything to H. that day in the court.

I think that the translation regarding Attorney Beason was TOTALLY incorrect and that they should do something to rectify it. He did not say Harry was guilty. He said he (Beason) got a guilty verdict because of all the things he had to contend with in defending Harry.

I feel awful that the Dutch people who saw this think that Harry's own attorney said he was guilty. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!

What can we do about this?? Peter and his subtitle people either did this by accident or they did this purposefully to mislead their viewers of the program. Either way, it was a bad and wrong thing to have happened. This did no justice to only hurt him.

[Note from the webmaster: this carelessness, suggesting Harry was guilty, about such a serious case, creates injustice to all involved. Peter R. de Vries was challenged on this broadcast, but the Dutch Media Board of journalists cast the complaint aside. This shows the dreadful level of  Dutch media. On Peter R. de Vries' website, this broadcast was no longer shown, maybe that is their way of admitting that something IS wrong?]

Success in getting Harry his medical orthotic arch supports

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Success in getting Harry his medical orthotic arch supports
It has been a real struggle, but we finally received good news, Harry has been given the Medically Prescribed Orthotic Arch Supports for his feet, which were bought by his own family according to the rules of Michigan Department fo Corrections. After months of needless suffering of pain, he finally received them. Since the January sweep by c.o.'s  of the dorm where Harry is locked up in, he has been missing his own prescribed arch supports, which were thrown away in the sweep.

In April of this year, one employer of the prison tried to prevent Harry from receiving the Orthotic Arch Supports, but by writing many letters to those in charge, we finally convinced them that it was according to their own rules that Harry should have what his family paid for (no tax money involved), and what was thrown away by the prison, although it was medically prescribed by MI DOC's own doctors. Other staff of the Ionia prison have been helpful and understanding of the rules.

Nederlanders in buitenlandse cel onvoldoende bijgestaan

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Nederlanders in buitenlandse cel onvoldoende bijgestaan
Uit: De Volkskrant:

Redactie − 05/05/11

Nederlanders die in het buitenland gevangen zitten, worden onvoldoende bijgestaan door de eigen overheid. Misstanden worden door diplomaten maar zelden aan de kaak gesteld. De financiële steun die de ongeveer 2.500 gevangenen ontvangen, is veel te willekeurig.

Dat meldt de Volkskrant vandaag op basis van een onderzoek van de IOB, de organisatie die het internationale beleid van alle ministeries inspecteert. De inspectie heeft de indruk dat ambassades en consulaten de lokale autoriteiten 'soms liever niet aanspreken op misstanden en ongelijke behandeling' van gevangenen. Dat zou vooral gebeuren omdat diplomaten meer waarde hechten aan een goede relaties met gezaghebbers.

Te weinig bezoek
Het bezoek dat diplomaten afleggen aan gedetineerde Nederlanders schiet volgens de IOB tekort. Ambassades en consulaten worden verondersteld iedere gevangene tweemaal per jaar te bezoeken. Dat werk wordt nu goeddeels overgelaten aan Reclassering Nederland en aan de particuliere hulporganisatie Epafras.

De IOB heeft ook kritiek op het 'zakgeldbeleid' dat Buitenlandse Zaken hanteert. Alleen gevangenen buiten Europa ontvangen 30 euro per maand. Voor die toelage zouden de detentieomstandigheden bepalend moeten zijn, vindt de IOB, en niet het land waar de gevangene zich bevindt.

Het IOB-onderzoek wordt binnenkort, met de reactie van minister Rosenthal van Buitenlandse Zaken, naar de Tweede Kamer gezonden.

Some reasons to consider Pardoning Harry Bout

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Some reasons to consider Pardoning Harry Bout
Some points from the Application for a Pardon or a Commutation, which was sent in to the Michigan Board of Pardons and Parole, by Humanity for Prisoners, on behalf of Harry Bout:


In the Application for a Pardon or a Commutation, the petitioner (Humanity for Prisoners, a non profit organization based in Michigan) writes what Harry Bout has stated, namely that Mr Bout regrets that he did not call the police, and that he did not inform the family of the murder victim in his mother’s house in March of 1985. Since he has always denied murdering the victim, he can not regret what he did not do, but he feels responsible for the aftermath and not acting as he should have.

Burden for Michigan taxpayers

Harry Bout is 53 years of age, he has been in prison for 25 years. As a Dutch national, Harry Bout will be deported to The Netherlands if he should be pardoned or if he would ever be handed over to the Dutch authorities (there is a federal court deportation order). This will relieve the Michigan tax payers of a burden to keep a Dutch man in prison for the rest of his life. Especially when getting older, Mr Bout will be in more need of medical care. This will cost even more.

Lowest possible risk

Harry Bout has scored the lowest possible risk score on the Department of Corrections´ own standards for assessing a prisoners´ risk for violence, recidivism and failure to appear upon release (COMPAS test).

Support from The Netherlands´ Government

Harry Bout is a Dutch national. The ambassador of The Netherlands, a friend of Michigan and an ally of the United States, has written two letters directly to the Governor expressing their support for this application for Mr Bout´s pardon or commutation, and have expressed their willingness to accept Mr Bout back in their country (exhibit K in the application).

Support from many

Mr Bout´s pardon or commutation request is supported by many persons, both Dutch and from other countries. See amongst others the petition for support of his return, signed by 500 people, offered to the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Dutch Parliament, 2007.

Family support in The Netherlands

If Mr Bout were pardoned, his family (cousin and her husband) in The Netherlands has expressed they will help him financially and with resettling in. Harry Bout speaks and understands the Dutch language well.

Harry´s Birthday on the 19th of August

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Happy Birthday Harry! May all your dreams come true!

"Home Next Year"

Let's give Harry a birthdaygift so that he can have his teeth preserved. Please click on the chip in in the side bar to donate, or please send the gift to him directly via a money order. Thank you!

Harry's address:

Harry Bout, #180741
Ionia CF
1576 W. Bluewater Highway,
Ionia, MI 48846