Success in getting Harry his medical orthotic arch supports

2:59 PM
It has been a real struggle, but we finally received good news, Harry has been given the Medically Prescribed Orthotic Arch Supports for his feet, which were bought by his own family according to the rules of Michigan Department fo Corrections. After months of needless suffering of pain, he finally received them. Since the January sweep by c.o.'s  of the dorm where Harry is locked up in, he has been missing his own prescribed arch supports, which were thrown away in the sweep.

In April of this year, one employer of the prison tried to prevent Harry from receiving the Orthotic Arch Supports, but by writing many letters to those in charge, we finally convinced them that it was according to their own rules that Harry should have what his family paid for (no tax money involved), and what was thrown away by the prison, although it was medically prescribed by MI DOC's own doctors. Other staff of the Ionia prison have been helpful and understanding of the rules.

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