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A factual outline, explaining how the photographic evidence proves the police lied to frame an innocent person.

The autopsy of the deceased revealed that he had been shot 3 times in the head at point-blank range with a 32 calibre pistol. The coroner's report indicated that the victim would have dropped dead instantly on the spot where he had been shot after entry of the first bullet.

The only eyewitness not involved in the crime (Evelyn Schneider) had been questioned by the police. Schneider told the police: she was in her bedroom (the bedroom immediately next to the bedroom where the killing took place) when she heard 3 gunshots and looked out of her room to see Harry Bout racing up the stairway carrying a long shotgun.

The police department forensic crime scene technicians thoroughly inspected the crime scene looking for evidence of a shotgun discharge having gone off in the house, AND FOUND NONE. The technicians also removed carpeting from the bedroom where the victim had been shot (Note: blood stains had been found on the carpet backing) to show that the victim had been shot in the bedroom, not on or anywhere near the stairway.

From the evidence the police and prosecutor knew that the gunshots Schneider had heard, came from a 32 calibre pistol, not a shotgun; and that Bout could not have committed the crime while on the stairway when the 3 fatal gunshots were heard.

The police also knew from Dawn Bean's own admissions that she was in the bedroom with the victim. Bean had originally been charged with premeditated first degree murder until the prosecutor made a deal with her to put blame on Bout, which Bean gladly accepted.

At Bout's trial the police had to lie and commit perjury to discredit Schneider's testimony. The police testified it would have been impossible for Schneider to have seen Bout racing up the stairway, and submitted a false diagram of the house showing a wall extending into the way of Schneider's view.

The police also lied that Schneider's bedroom door opened inward instead of outward to make it look as though the door would also have blocked her view. The video and photos that can be seen on this website of Attorney James S. Lawrence factually prove that Schneider told the truth about what she could see and conclusively proves that the police lied under oath and even submitted a falsified diagram.

Anyone willing to compare the photographic evidence to the recorded and transcribed testimony of the police officers is invited to do so and see the proof that an innocent man is presently languishing in prison for a crime the police and prosecutor's office know he could not have committed.

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