Detailed information from Harry about the shooting

2:26 PM
The following can be experienced as shocking. However we only want to describe the situation as accurate as possible to understand what really happened. We needed detailed information of the situation in the house where Al was shot to death.

Harry wrote this down for us:

...I know only what Dawn told me as to how it happened, and also I know certain facts from the autopsy of Al.

The facts from the autopsy are that Al was shot 3 times in the head with a 32 calibre; the first shot was in his forehead; the second shot was in the top of his head; and the third shot was in the back of his head.

As for what Dawn told me: she said that after Al realized she didn't want to have sex, he tried to leave, and so she pulled out the gun and stood in front of him, blocking his way out of the room, Al tried to grab the gun as if he wanted to look at it, and so she shot him the first time, from the front. She said Al fell downward to his hands and knees in front of her and was trying to grab her when she shot him again, I am presuming from the top. She said Al fell forward towards her as she moved out of the way. She said that she then stood directly over him because it looked like he was trying to crawl out of the room, so she shot him again from behind. I know this is only 3 gunshots, and there were 3 gunshot wounds on Al's head, but I heard what clearly sounded like a gunshot when I was downstairs in the dining room.

There was another gunshot while I was on the stairway coming up, and immediately after I closed Evelyn's bedroom door there were 2 more gunshots.

So I heard 4 shots in total, if the first loud shot was a gunshot. My lawyer at that time suggested that maybe the first shot I heard could have been a car backfiring. Well, I suppose it's possible, but it sounded to me like a loud gunshot. Before I closed Evelyn's bedroom door she was laying in her bed kind of sitting up with her elbow. She was laying with her head towards the direction of the room where the door is, looking out of the room.

Anyway, after the last shot, I yelled out two times: "Dawn, are you alright?" from where I was standing in the corner of the room next to the bedroom that Dawn and Al were in. I was on the register, and then the lights came on in the bedroom that Dawn and Al were in.

That's when I moved away from the corner (register) and from a distance of a few feet seen Al laying on the floor face down inside of the bedroom, with his head maybe 1 foot distance from the doorway, with Dawn standing next to him, on Al's right side, next to his right leg. From my view, looking into the room, Dawn was standing on the left of Al's body......

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